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Investment Philosophy

Goals Based

  1. Any money needed for shorter term goals needs to be safe, secure, & relatively liquid (Cash & Cash Alternatives)
  2. Money that has a 5–10-year time horizon or longer should be in equities
  3. We use goals to decide our allocation rather than market timing


  1. We will use different asset classes (Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, International, Alternatives, etc)
  2. Our team may tilt up or tilt down these asset classes as our research dictates
  3. Depending on the portfolio size, we will use a combination of mutual funds, ETFs, individual stocks, & individual bonds (as well as Private Equity or other alternatives in some situations)


  1. Our team may tilt up or down (overweight or underweight) certain asset classes as our research dictates.

Tax Efficient

  1. Asset location strategy which places tax inefficient vehicles in tax deferred accounts & low tax investments in taxable accounts
  2. Tax loss harvesting allows for tax losses to be locked in for future use while still keeping market exposure for future upside
  3. Charitable giving strategies not only are good for the world, but when designed properly, they can also be good for your taxes on your portfolio
  4. Estate tax minimization strategies means your family keeps more of the wealth you’ve built