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Planning Philosophy

Financial Planning Philosophy (For Advisory Clients)


  • Correct amount of insurance to protect family’s lifestyle.
  • 3-6 months cash in emergency fund & no credit card debt.


  • Target 20%+ savings of income (retirement before college).
  • Maximize all free money.
    • Matching, Employee Stock Purchase Plan discounts, etc.
  • Utilize tax favored vehicles to pay the minimum amount of tax
    • Tax Deductible, Tax Free, Tax Deferred
  • Evaluate paying off debt other than mortgage (cars, student loans, etc.)


Construct a portfolio for risk-adjusted rates of return & to avoid market-timing:

  • Tactical Asset Allocation - Modern Portfolio Theory (i.e. risk & reward)
  • Goals Based Asset Allocation - match time frames of investments & goals.
  • Tax Location – strategic location of asset classes for tax efficiency & creative uses of tax favorable vehicles.


Retirement distributions are designed to be:

  • Sustainable throughout anticipated retirement – typically beginning at a withdrawal rate at or below 4% for a 25-year retirement.
  • Tax bracket sensitive – use IRA distributions and/or conversions to fill up bottom tax brackets
  • Multi-dimensional – taking into account Investments, Social Security, Medicare, Required Minimum Distributions, Pensions, annuities, Insurance, etc.
  • Hedged for longevity – taking into account long-term care & other risks associated with living a long life.


  • Our happiest clients live for a purpose bigger than themselves
  • Define what matters & be strategic on who/what receives your money.
    • In the end, you can’t take it with you, & it either goes to family, charity, lawyers, or the government.
  • Don’t wait till the end to:
    • Invest in relationships
    • Be charitable with time & money